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LA Originals (Limited Edition 2LP)

In honor of Hispanic heritage month and the contributions of Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon to West Coast Hip Hop culture, Urban Legends is proud to present the soundtrack to LA Originals, the Netflix documentary about the Soul Assasins crew. The soundtrack, on 2LP blue vinyl, features Public Enemy, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg, all of whom appear in the documentary.


Side A
1. Slick Rick - Children's Story
2. Public Enemy - Fight The Power
3. 50 Cent - Disco Inferno

Side B
1. Eric B. & Rakim - Juice (Know The Ledge)
2. Young MC - Bust A Move
3. Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice

Side C
1. Cypress Hill - Hand On The Pump
2. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones, Pt.1
3. Gang Starr - Mass Appeal

Side D
1. Method Man & Redman - Da Rockwilder
2. Terror Squad - Lean Back
3. Onyx - Slam

Please note that each vinyl is unique and the colors may appear slightly different from the image displayed.